Mission Explorers Kenya

Mission Explorers Kenya is a long-anticipated follow-up to the original Mission Explorers Video Series, which has been used as mission curriculum in thousands of churches all over the U.S. The object of the new video is to teach American children about Christian mission work in Kenya. It will also include exciting, interesting and cultural aspects of Kenya, with segments about the amazing wildlife, unique music, delicious cuisine and the variety of beautiful landscapes God has created there. Shooting was completed for the new video on-location in Kenya during the summer of 2017. Post production is concluded as of mid-2018. A wonderful accompanying curriculum has also been created for elementary-age children.

Producer Carey Kinsolving had long been dreaming about creating a new Mission Explorers video. He waited on the Lord’s timing, and finally in October 2014 he had an idea. He asked his wife, Lisa, to write a children’s musical based on the Africa portion of the original Mission Explorers Video Series. The idea was that Christian schools and churches would perform Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and send us videos of their productions. This would be our way of searching for the right child to feature in the new video.

Over the following months, with much prayer, God opened doors. Many ministries in Kenya came to our attention in various, wonderful ways. We had the pleasure of meeting several bright, articulate, confident children and getting to know them through the process of auditioning and vetting them and their parents. Any one of them could have done a spectacular job. The difficult part was choosing just ONE to feature in the new video!

We prayed earnestly for divine guidance. We praised the Lord as we came to a final decision to feature (drum-roll, please!) 12-year-old Jesse Patete from North Carolina. We discovered him when he played a small speaking part in Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical, performed by Asheville Christian Academy. In one portion of his audition/vetting process, we gave him a sample script for the new video. We asked him to study, but not necessarily memorize it, then send us a video. Click here to view his audition reading video. We think he’s a natural! 

Please keep checking this page for updates. Lift up this project in prayer, as the Lord brings it to mind. We need prayer for wisdom, finances and guidance as we enter the marketing phase of this project. We would like to see as many children as possible get to take this exciting, missionary journey along with Jesse by watching this Christ-centered video documentary.

If you are interested in supporting this new project, we are in need of much prayer as we seek a publisher/distributor. It has been a huge undertaking and there are SO many details that still need attention so that we can make it available to teach many thousands of children about Christian missions in Kenya. Of course, we would greatly welcome financial support as well, should you feel led to participate in that way. Financial gifts may be made via PayPal by using the "Make a Donation" button on this page. If you require a giving receipt, please make checks payable to “AMG International,” the non-profit under which we operate, write "Kids Talk About God" on the memo line, and mail to: AMG International, PO Box 182200, Chattanooga TN 37422.

We feel strongly that supporting this project will yield abundant fruit as it, in turn, promotes the ministries we will feature. Our goal for this new documentary is to inspire the next generation of missionaries and to make viewers aware of the current needs of the Kenyan ministries featured in Mission Explorers Kenya. Each featured ministry will get 30 seconds at the end of the documentary to present its needs with contact information where viewers can help. Your giving to support this documentary will have the leverage of making a lot of people aware of the ministries we feature.

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